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About the product:

Adria IN d.o.o. will endeavor to ensure the maximum accuracy of the information and data contained on this web site but disclaims any liability for the accuracy and / or completeness of all information and content contained on www.adriain.com
We are not responsible for any unintended mistakes in product description. There may be differences in the actual product and described on this site if the manufacturer changes some of the characteristics or composition of the product. All descriptions are regularly and thoroughly checked.


Delivery is not included in the price. The buyer may pick up the goods in our warehouse or by e-mail or phone with our employees to arrange delivery that will be charged to them, taking into account the size and quantity of the package and the address to which the package is delivered. The buyer can arrange the delivery to suit him and arrange the term with our employees at which time the deliverer can take over the goods.

Complaints and Returns:

The product may be returned within 14 days if there is a justified reason, if it is not used and has the original packaging.

The right to a claim is obtained if delivery of goods is not ordered, the product does not meet the quality standards or is damaged.

Upon receiving the goods, the order confirmation of the order depends on the buyer. Please compare the items received with your account, if something is missing immediately, contact Adria IN d.o.o. because we do not respect subsequent complaints.

Refunds on our part will be made within 7 days of the download of the returned product. It is important to know that the statutory deadline for refunds is 30 days. In some cases it takes more than 7 days for the money to be visible to your account balance.

Adria IN d.o.o is committed to providing personal data protection to web site visitors, by contacting the contact form only with the necessary, basic information that is necessary for us to contact you back. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this. All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy principles


Adria IN d.o.o reserves the right to modify and update these Terms and Conditions and excludes its liability for possible consequences of such changes and is obliged to notify all users via e-mail.

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